Financial Reports

FloWorks International LLC (“FloWorks”) is privately held and does not make its financial information available to the public. However, this information will be provided on a confidential basis to: (i) holders of the Senior Secured Notes due 2019 (the “Notes”) issued by Shale-Inland Holdings, LLC now known as FloWorks and its affiliate, Shale-Inland Finance Company; (ii) certain prospective investors in the Notes; (iii) security analysts who cover or intend to cover FloWorks and the Notes; and (iv) market makers who regularly make or intend to make a market in the Notes via a secured information site (the “Information Site”) on which FloWorks provides annual and quarterly reports and certain other information relating to its business.

Returning Visitors – Returning visitors may access the Information Site by clicking on the link below. By utilizing this link, you are certifying that you are one of the parties described in (i)-(iv) under Financial Reports above and that you will notify FloWorks promptly of any change in status.

FloWorks International, LLC
Investor Relations
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